Looking for the BEST Yarra Valley Music Bands? Well, look no further, you’ve landed on the right page!

Ms Lexi & Celestial Band is Melbourne’s leader in live entertainment. We have multiple strings to our bow and today we’re really proud to tell you all about what we do!

Yarra Valley Music Bands
5 Piece Celestial Band led by Lexi Ross at the Melbourne Showgrounds Jan 2021

Our band is led by none other than Lead Singer and musician Lexi Ross. Lexi has built the band from the ground up. She basically created Melbourne’s leading entertainment service from thin air. Our band is most commonly booked for weddings around Melbourne and Victoria, including the beautiful Yarra Valley! When we perform at our client’s weddings, we usually assist with a full day of live music.


So… What Is A Full Day of Live Music?


So glad you asked! This most commonly looks like the following: Our Acoustic Duo for your wedding Ceremony, after that we give you a FREE or Complimentary Canapés Musician. This is usually Noah our Lead Guitarist. He’ll do a beautiful acoustic guitar, loopy set while your guests are all standing around waiting for the Reception to start. When the Reception does kick off, our 4-person live band will play all night (led by Lexi) and have you guests up on their feet dancing. We usually play chilled music for the first 45-minute set. The second set is mid-tempo tunes from a range of genres, including pop, rock, country, jazz or whatever you request! Our final two sets are upbeat dance-floor music. The music on our Song list is designed to give you a wide variety of hits from lots of different eras. We do this on purpose, as there are often many different age ranges at Weddings. Therefor we aim to play songs that kids, middle aged people, and even the older generations will love! This amazing package currently sits at $2390 as of April 2021, but with live music this affordable, we can’t guarantee this amazing price will stay the same forever!


Yarra Valley Music Bands


Full Day of Live Music with DJ Service!


Ahhh, the DJ Service. How exciting. During the time that Ms Lexi & Celestial Band has been in the wedding and events industry, we’ve come across lots of different types of clients. One common thing we see is couples trying to decide between a DJ or a Live Band. Well, now there’s no need to try and decide between the two options. We have DJ decks, and we are more than willing to bring them to your wedding! At the moment, we’re only changing $100 extra to bring our DJ Decks to your event. This gives you the option to have us DJ the final hour of your wedding Reception! Rather than play live. If you choose this option, you can work with Lead Singer Lexi Ross and hand pick all the songs that will be played in that final hour. You can choose your own playlist and DJ Lexi will rock out on DJ decks, mixing and playing all your specific favourites! Don’t get us wrong, our band also takes song requests! We’ll learn the songs that you specifically want played at your wedding… But having us DJ in that final hour will give you the power to customise the music even further! So how much does all this cost? Well, we already mentioned how much our Full Day of Live Music costs with our 4 Person Band. If we bring the DJ Decks, we only charge $100 extra. The main cost for us in providing an amazing Yarra Valley Music Bands is the cost of hiring musicians for the wedding. We don’t mind customising a few things here and there, to give clients the best service ever. We’re actually obsessed with customer service and client satisfaction, but perhaps that’s a good topic for another blog.

Yarra Valley Music Bands


What Other Special Extras Do We Provide?


Good Question, well at Ms Lexi & Celestial Band, we want to stay as Specialists. We don’t want to be too general with our services. No, you can’t come to us and try and get a Wedding Photographer & Videographer package. Yes, we might be able to give you some recommendations, but we really like to just focus on traditional live music. We have some amazing singers in our crew, including Lead Singer Lexi Ross and Noah. We just focus our energy on giving you the best live band ever, or Acoustic Duo/ Acoustic Trio is that’s your jam! So, what other services do we offer?

  • Dry Ice
  • MC for your event
  • Additional musicians like our world-class Saxophone player!


What is Dry Ice Used For?


Dry Ice is most commonly used for couple’s First Dance, to give that amazing look like they’re are literally dancing on a cloud. The clouds sort of stay around for a while as other guests join the couple on the dance floor. Using dry ice really creates some amazing photo opportunities for your photographer to capture. If you’re not on a mega strict budget and you want to get all the bells and whistles, speak to us about bringing our dry ice machine.


MC Service


As well as being a trained singer and piano player, Lexi Ross is well practiced at MCing events for wedding and function band clients. Having someone in your band MC the night can be a great way to keep formalities on track! Having a friend MC is your wedding is also awesome. However, some couples choose not to get a friend to do it, so all their friends can relax and have a great time! Lexi as your MC will make sure all the formalities are said and acknowledged properly, as well as the band being cued up at exactly the right times! Lexi will also be sure to encourage all your guests onto the dance-floor and dance the night away!


Saxophone Player In Our Live Music Band


Our 4-person party band is often enough for many small to medium sized weddings. However, if you’re a live music fan and you’ve seen how cool a Saxophonist looks playing in a live band, you might want to consider our bigger band size. Our 5-person party band includes 2 Lead Singers, our singing Drummer Rachel, our Bass and Synth Bass player, AND our world class Saxophonist! Yes that’s five musicians all bringing their energy and good vibes to the performance at your event! And yes, five musicians in a band is a significantly different vibe to just one DJ on stage at a wedding! Not that there is anything wrong with just one DJ… but it is a different vibe.

5 Piece Bands Melbourne
Yarra Valley Music Bands

Yarra Valley Music Bands


Wow, that was a lot of information to give you about what our Yarra Valley Music Bands can do! We’ve booked in heaps of amazing clients lately, for weddings and other special events that span over the next 18 months! It’s never too early to see if our live band is available on your event date. What about our COVID policy? Don’t worry, its super simple. If COVID strikes, we’ll move your date for FREE! Avoid disappointment and speak to Lexi Ross today at lexi@celestialband.net or if you don’t want to wait for an email response, jump on the phone.. 0467375489!