It’s been a pretty serious week over here, sometimes it’s hard being a top Yarra Valley Wedding Singer!

Just kidding, it’s not that hard, but between gigs and handling enquiries from new clients, we’ve certainly got our work cut out for us! Today we thought we’d lighten the mood by bringing out our top 5 favourite wedding related meme’s!!! These have been carefully stolen from industry only Facebook group called “Wedding Vendor Memes”. There, every week, wedding musicians, DJ’s, Photographers, Videographers and all kinds of industry professionals post their memes of choice. Heck, we’re pretty sure some people make their own memes specially to post in that group!


Anyways, with so many good ones to choose from, we’ve made a list of our favourite 5! These memes are absolute gems and we’re going to give you a running commentary of why we like them, as we go!

Yarra Valley Wedding Singer
Yarra Valley Wedding Singer Lexi Ross Singing at the Melbourne Showgrounds (Jan 2021)

Meme #1

The Nutbush!!! Yayyyyyy, we love the Nutbush! Would it even be a wedding if you didn’t play the Nutbush? Just to let you know, I, Lexi Ross, love me some ‘Nutbush’ in the key of G- the same version as Tina Turner. The Nutbush is just such a classic song, and no its not reserved for “bogan weddings”. But yes, it should definitely be whipped out at ‘bogan weddings’ too.

Nutbush Meme
Lost Equipment Meme

Meme #2

Awww what a sad little puppy! Well, lucky we actually haven’t had this experience *touchwood*. Normally the Melbourne wedding venues stay open quite late, and usually the whole band is packed down by the time they shut. But hey, that would be super annoying. No one wants to trek back to the wedding venue the day after to pick up lost equipment. Thus far, the most we’ve left behind at a gig is a chord or two.

Meme #3

HAHA, this usually applies to Wedding Ceremonies! All good though, we have portable speakers so we can set up outside with minimal fuss. We can either use long power chords or use our battery-operated equipment. Either/ or! The only problem if it is actually raining, then it all becomes a bit of an OHS issue. As you can imagine, real instruments with electrical wires going through them plus water? Err ummm electrocution risk much? But hey, this scenario doesn’t really happen. Because if its legit raining (not just a bit of mist) most wedding couples don’t want to stand there in the rain! Lastly, if you want to chance it and not make the decision until the actual day, we’re happy to go along with your plan as you make it up on the spot. #flexible

funny wedding meme
cheap wedding memes

Meme #4

Okay so in order to make this one relatable it should say “When The Couple Says” then it would be super wedding industry specific! Hehe those are some old school CD players! Well yes, at the end of the day, not every couple has enough budget for every service. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. We actually have our prices and most common packages boldly stated under the ‘Weddings’ tab on the website! So usually when wedding couples enquire with us, they already have a fair idea of our price point. No surprises here. 🙂 Also, what works in our favour is that we have very ‘middle of the road’ pricing in Melbourne wedding band land. Basically, that means that we’re not the most expensive wedding band in Melbourne. No, you won’t have to sell your Auntie’s left kidney. We’re also not the cheapest. We don’t do cheap and nasty wedding band gigs. We don’t pay our musicians $50 to perform at your wedding. We pay above industry rates to all the Celestial Band musicians. So hopefully they feel valued and respected as the amazing singers and musicians that they all are!

Meme #5

Ohhhhh! Left the best till last, this one is our favourite! Ha-ha it’s so real.. *cries tears of joy* Well its almost 100% true. I, Lexi Ross, actually like listening to manifestation podcasts and anything remotely ‘spiritual’ to be exact. So basically, the wedding or the late-night gig ends, I get in the Jeep, and then I proceed to put on Eckhart Toll, Ester Hicks, Lacy Phillips or any number of people in that genre. There are so many good ones. But yes, I can listen to Ester Hicks talk about the law of attraction for the best part of 3 hours. It actually surprises me that people would want to listen to anything else…!? Oh, other favourites include listening to Russel Brand talk about 12 step recovery and Gabor Mate talk about the nature of generational trauma. Light topic after a gig much!? So basically the choice in my car is absolute silence or listen to “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

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